Report: Davies O. visits the project

Davies O., a good friend of a foundation in germany visited Touch of Mercy to give his assesment. This is what he thinks about our project…

I’m pleased to inform you that I met Dorothy alongside her team, which comprised: Andrew, Martin, Joyce and Ruth. Apart from the discussion, Dorothy and Martin took me to a slums community where I met two elderly women and later we proceeded to a primary school where one of the orphans attend classes.I was able to form the opinion that the goal of „Touch of Mercy“ is quite noble. However, there is need to develop the capacity of the team to carry out the work. I therefore invited the team to contact me if they need any technical advice when developing funding proposals etc, an offer which they seemed to appreciate. In fact Dorothy has since contacted me and I’m supposed to meet her again to guide her in making realistic proposals.In my view, „Touch of Mercy“ is unable to fulfill its mandate due to lack of funds. I therefore strongly feel that the team in Freiburg needs to double the efforts of raising what we call in development work, „seed funding“. This is the initial amount of money that can enable the organisation to stand on its two feet.I wish you a lot of success, and you’re free to contact us if you need any advice.

Your’s Sincerely, Davies O.