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Touch of Mercy is a small volunteer group in Kisumu Kenya . The group was founded as part of a helping hand of the mission church in Migoye to help disadvantaged women, children and orphans living with HIV/ Aids. The mission church in Migoye had allowed these women to use its compound grounds and premises for the past few years. With medical supplies from the government, it managed to help a total of more than 65 women and orphans. Unfortunately due to political chaos in 2007 in Kenya, there has been a continual decrease in financial inflow. This has put a great strain on the church, which had no money to offer the basic needs such as clothing and food. The residents did however continue getting medical supplies from the government. This did not help the residents much as they had the medicine but no daily sustenance.

Many have been forced to go back to their respective homes, where they are not only in a worse condition (in terms of housing, food and clothes), but are also discriminated against for being Aids-infected.

Touch of Mercy is currently representing orphans including children with both parents or one of the parents living with the HIV infection, and children living with the grandparents. Also the group tries to cater for women living with Aids or for the elderly grandparents taking care of children who are Aids orphans or cannot fend for themselves.

The budget presented here covers all needs for one year. A seed-funding budget for under 2000 Euros is being prepared.


Touch of Mercy
c/o Friedensforum Freiburg
Postfach 5261
79019 Freiburg

phone: 0761-7678088


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