„Ahsante“ means „Thank you“

At the end of my last visit with Naomi and her mother, Naomi said „Ahsante“.  She was thanking me for the chocolate bar I brought her, but it is not necessarily so easy for her to thank me.  Naomi was born with a shortened tongue frenulum.  The correction is a routine operation in Germany, but many Kenians cannot afford it.  The last time I met her she was 4 years old and couldn’t speak a word.  This has improved, even if only step-by-step.  With the help of Touch of Mercy, the operation was paid for at the end of 2011.  Now Naomi goes regularly to speech therapy and is making good progress.  Her mother would like to send her to pre-schooling, so that she can speak with children her own age. 

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!  If you want to support Naomi directly or help other children through Touch of Mercy, then think about donating to the work regularly, with a sponsorship or with a single donation.


„Ugeni is Swaheli for „Visit“

Two months visiting the project in Kenya, two months of really being impressed by the people and their work.  Some of the children had been sent home from school because they didn’t pay their school fees . . . now they can go back to school.  It would be good to have sponsors for each and every child.  Due to the good contacts in the region, the money can be given directly to the schools and the school materials can be given directly to the children.  So it is certain, that the help arrives where it should, even if the situation in the family is difficult.  Which child will get a chance thanks to your donation?

Gemeinsam Unterwegs


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